20171231_121622.jpgI can’t tell you how excited I am to see this company come to fruition. It has been a dream of mine for the last couple years to turn my passion for the trails into a business; a way to share the magic of trail running with others. Sometimes the dream has been small, sometimes it pulled hard, but finally it’s here!

We are excited to see where we can go with Alpine Running Guides. In the next couple years we will offer single-day trips – and even a few overnights – every weekend throughout the long Montana summer. Each trip is permitted by the appropriate agency for the land we will be using and we hope you will stick with us as we add more and more trips to our calendar.

For now, if you have ideas of places you want to run, questions on what types of runs we offer, or simply want to chat, shoot me an email at forrest@alpinerunningguides.com.

Happy Trails,

Forrest Boughner


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