By this time most trail runners in the country have an idea of races they are running, or wanting to run, in 2018. A lot of registrations for the longer races have already opened and filled. I am excited to try out a new race in California, and Sara is signed up for her first 100 mile race, IMTUF.

As soon as I sign up for a run my training takes on more purpose. I have a goal in mind, another reason to get out the door. But I still want to be smart. I want to show up as prepared as possible on race-day.

We want to help you show up prepared for your event this year too! I love helping runners get prepared for a new challenge. Whether you are training for your first trail race, a 5k, a road marathon, or a mountainous ultra, we can help. Check out the coaching page for more details, or send me an email with questions. Make sure you show up as ready as possible this season!

Happy Trails,


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