By this point you’ve run your favorite long run so many times you can recognize when the neighborhood squirrel has moved a stick. You know the smells. You know the rocks. It’s your loop.

But now you’re signed up for an Alpine Running Guides trail run in Montana and are venturing into new terrain. It’s unfamiliar. It’s foreign. It’s okay! That’s where it gets fun.

We try to be as open as possible with what you can expect on an Alpine Running Guides trail run. There are always discrepancies between GPS devices, but we try to be close to what you’ll find on the ground. We try to be accurate with our elevation profiles and trail descriptions so you know what to expect. But we do encourage you to give us a call if you ever have questions on trail conditions.

Most of our runs will cover 10-20 miles. At a group pace this will take some time. We recommended being able to run at least 3 miles farther than your tour distance, just so you’re used to the time on your feet.

Because we try to put the ‘Alpine’ in Alpine Running Guides, there is a significant amount of elevation gain in most of our trips. That’s okay! Climbing gets you to the fun places. Find your nearest hill and get to love those hill repeats. You’ll be fine! There is no rule saying you have to hammer every climb on one of our trips, in fact we recommend taking your time.

All Alpine Running Guides trips are built to allow ample opportunity for breaks. We enjoy spending time outside and don’t want to simply run through nature. We want you to be able to enjoy your journey. We will give you a chance to take pictures, catch your breath, and smell that flower. There’s no rushing adventure!

If you ever have questions on how to train for one of our trips, or any other event, give me a call. I’m happy to help with some tips, pointers, or a full coaching plan.

Happy Trails,




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