Running is supposed to be simple. Basically you need shoes and some non-chafe clothes. So why should you pay for someone to show you where to run? Here’s a few reasons why a guided trail run from Alpine Running Guides can improve your running experience…

1. It’s easy. As simple as we want running to be there is so much more to it than shoes and shorts. You need your watch, socks, sunscreen, hat, maps, food, water, and on-and-on. On top of that, you have to decide where to go and how to get there. A guided trip takes the decision making and transportation issues out of the picture. Once you get in the van you can turn off your brain and simply enjoy.


2. You can run outside your comfort zone. Most runners run the same routes repeatedly. Occasionally we will get crazy and run our loop backwards. But mostly, we are creatures of habit. A guided trip gives you an opportunity to explore a new trail with very little risk. Because we have done the leg work, you know there is actually a trail (you’d be surprised how many “map trails” are not actually “on the ground trails”), you know it’s navigable, and you know there are roads to get you there. You may never run that trail again, or you may have discovered a new favorite long run.


3. Food! If you have ever driven to a trailhead to do a run, then you know that the drive back can be miserable. Our pre-run selves rarely pack enough food for our post-run hunger demons. Alpine Running Guides will not let the post-run hangries get you! Lunch is included with all Alpine Running Guides tours, and don’t think that this is just a standard PB&J. We know that a good meal after the run is important not only for proper recovery, but also for emotional well being. So we take our time with lunch and offer quality meals to keep your engine burning clean. We also found that this cuts down on whining from the backseat on the drive back to town!

4. Navigation. Say you’ve broken the mold and have made it out to a new trail. You’ve studied the map, but the trail forks, and then forks again, and the again. There’s always a nagging doubt in the back of your head that you took a wrong turn. Are you on the trail or a well-used deer path? Alpine Running Guides takes the guesswork out of navigating so you can focus on what’s important. Enjoying the running experience.

5. Post Run Massage! There’s nothing worse than finishing a run then sitting a car for an hour. You may be fit enough to run at least 10 miles, but by the time you get home you need help getting from your car to the couch. That’s not a good feeling. That’s why Alpine Running Guides offers short post-run massages on most of our trips. A few minutes with our licensed therapist can leave you feeling fresh enough to run again, well at least fresh enough to leap from the car without help!

Give me a shout if you have any questions about our trips or see all of our trips here. 

Happy Trails,

Forrest Boughner

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