Did you know that our Stateline Trail trips all run through a massive burn area from over 100 years ago that influenced our thinking in forest management? Did you know that the Vigilante Trail is named for the Montana Vigilantes, a group that fought supposedly corrupt law officers in the late 1800’s? Did you know that our Stark Mountain and Reservation Divide trips are in one of the areas that wolves first came back in Montana?

Montana is a big state with an incredible amount of natural, cultural, and biological history and diversity. One of the goals of our trips is to share as many stories of the areas in which we run as possible. You may hear about the geological history one minute, and the story behind that fire lookout the next. Gotta run to find out!

In addition to the food, running, and massage that you’ll find on Alpine Running Guides trail running tours, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn some of the more interesting anecdotes of the area. We hope this will engender a deeper connection with the land, and give you something to think about as you run through it.

If you have a story from an area where our trips occur, or just have an interesting story, please share it with us!


Happy Trails,


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