Join Alpine Running Guides on July 22nd for 16 miles along the Reservation Divide Trail. We will be trail running point-to-point from Siegal Pass to McCormick Peak in Western Montana, which means it’s net downhill!

The Reservation Divide Trail runs along the top and southern sides of its namesake. Throughout the route we will have incredible views of the Ninemile Valley as well as peeks down onto the Clark Fork and across the Mission Valley to the incredible Mission Mountains. For the peak-bagger in you, our route includes options to summit four different peaks and pinnacles.

For how close it is to Missoula, the Ninemile Valley is little explored, yet is home to an incredible trail system. The last few years I have enjoyed being able to buzz up the road for a great trail run on paths that I have all to myself. Plus, in late July we will be in prime huckleberry picking locations!

For all the stats on the run and to sign up visit the Reservation Divide Trip page. But hurry! There are only six spots remaining!

-Forrest Boughner

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