Did you know that in addition to providing high quality guided running tours in the mountains, Alpine Running Guides offers shorter running tours around Missoula?

Because of the designated Missoula Open Space areas, Missoula has an incredible system of single-track trail in and around town. A simple 60 minute run can offer spectacular views of the Missoula Valley, the north end of the Bitterroot Mountains, and deep into the Rattlesnake. An hour run can also take you through the gorgeous University of Montana campus, downtown Missoula, and along the Clark Fork River.

Our guided Missoula Running Tours offer pick-up and drop-off at your hotel if needed, as well as a t-shirt, pictures to show your friends how great your run was, and water. We also finish at a local coffee shop or brewery depending on time of day.

Trail running and road running tours of Missoula start at $50 per person. Contact us to set up a time for your next run!


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