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Have you ever looked at a talented athlete out for a trail run with poles and wondered, “how are they not tripping and falling on their face?”, “or why does he/she look so carefree while I’m over here with my calves about to fall off?”.

If so, then the Alpine Running Guides clinic on how to run with poles may get you started in the right direction. Poles can be an efficient weapon in the quiver of any trail runner. You don’t have to use your poles on every run, but it is useful to know how to use them efficiently when you do need them.

During this clinic we will cover:

-Types of running poles
-When to use running poles
-How to effectively run with poles while climbing, and descending
-How to store poles while running

The Alpine Running Guides How To Trail Run With Poles clinic is limited to 8 people.

We will meet at 6pm on April 17th, 2019 at the Cherry Street Trailhead in Missoula, Montana.

-90 minute instruction on trail running with poles

-Insta-worthy photos

-Alpine Running Guides Tee

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