“Alpine Running Guides provided a world-class, guided running experience right here in western Montana. Our route was thoughtful, picturesque and well supported. From managing expectations before our run to creating a fun atmosphere among our group, Forrest, Sara, and Amy exceeded my expectations for a great day on the trail. Thank you!”

Whitney S.

“I had a really great time with the Alpine Running Guides on a beautiful run in the mountains. They took care of all the planning and preparation so that my girlfriend and I could focus on simply enjoying our time out on the trail.  The healthy and tasty lunch, as well as the post-run massage, was icing on the cake of a splendid day.  I’d highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a new trail to explore, or who simply wants to take the guesswork out of planning their next trail running adventure.”

Mike F.

“I had the opportunity to run through Glacier National Park with Forrest as my guide. From the pre-run preparations to the final step, Forrest made this epic day one of my best memories. I appreciated the efforts he made to continuously remind us to stay fueled and hydrated and also giving us ample time to look around and capture the amazing photo ops. His confidence and knowledge of the route gave me reassurance that I would be able to complete the distance within the goals I had trained for. I highly recommended Forrest to take you on your next adventure of a lifetime. You will have a blast!”

Colleen S.

“Over the course of the last two years, I have been fortunate enough to be a participant in a couple of running adventures with Forrest of Alpine Running Guides. Both trips were challenging, beautiful and a great way for me to visit places I wouldn’t venture to on my own. Forrest has spent his life in the outdoors and that backcountry experience allowed me to relax and enjoy our trip without any concerns that came with my inexperience in the wild.”

Vicky M.