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We are constantly amazed by how much land is in Montana. Every time we drive west on I-90 we think, “oh it’s just boring forested hills, we can’t wait to get to ‘real’ mountains again.” Then when we go behind those forested hills, we realize they are just hiding a massive playground of mountains, alpine lakes, and ridges. Oh how wrong our previous car-selves have been. Up Up Ridge is one of those land masses hidden behind the steep forested hills flanking I-90. Besides having a wonderful name, the ridge offers a corridor for wildlife, and trail runners to access the higher elevations of the Idaho/Montana border.

The Alpine Running Guides trip along Up Up Ridge begins behind Up Up Mountain where the single track trail takes off from the road. We will run over the summits of two mountains before the trail takes us to the top of Ward Peak on the Stateline Trail. From here we will have vast views of the entire Ward-Eagle Roadless Area, through which we will have just run. During the last few miles of the guided trail run we will pass through a majestic cedar grove that has somehow survived the Great Burn and nearby logging operations. Nothing makes you feel like you’re running through Jurassic Park quite like giant cedars.

Despite the Up Up moniker this route only has 2,480′ of climbing. This is a great opportunity for advanced-beginners and intermediate trail runners to join us on a trail running adventure! Remember all of our runs are adventure style, not races. We encourage you to go at your own pace and we like to take time for pictures, breathers, and to enjoy the view. We do still recommend that you are capable of running at least 10 miles before joining us for the Up Up Ridge trail run. Please contact us to see if this guided trail run along Up Up Ridge is the trip for you!

When: 7am, September 9th, 2019
Distance: 10 miles
Elevation gain: 2,480′
Cost: $125


What’s Included:

-Transportation to and from Runner’s Edge
-All hydration and nutrition needed for the run
-Post-Run lunch
-Two Insta-worthy pictures
-Alpine Running Guides tee
-A hassle free adventure led by WFR certified guides

The Up Up Ridge Alpine Running Guides trip is permitted to be on the Lolo National Forest by the Superior Ranger District of the United States Forest Service.

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