2018 In Pictures

This morning we woke up to rain and what I’m sure is snow in the high country. For us this means it is time to wrap up our guided trail running season for 2018. We had a great first year and were able to hit the trails with some wonderful people along some gorgeous trails. Here’s a glimpse of what we were up to:

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Missoula Running Tours

Did you know that in addition to providing high quality guided running tours in the mountains, Alpine Running Guides offers shorter running tours around Missoula?

Because of the designated Missoula Open Space areas, Missoula has an incredible system of single-track trail in and around town. A simple 60 minute run can offer spectacular views of the Missoula Valley, the north end of the Bitterroot Mountains, and deep into the Rattlesnake. An hour run can also take you through the gorgeous University of Montana campus, downtown Missoula, and along the Clark Fork River.

Our guided Missoula Running Tours offer pick-up and drop-off at your hotel if needed, as well as a t-shirt, pictures to show your friends how great your run was, and water. We also finish at a local coffee shop or brewery depending on time of day.

Trail running and road running tours of Missoula start at $50 per person. Contact us to set up a time for your next run!


Happy Trails,


Run the Reservation Divide!

Join Alpine Running Guides on July 22nd for 16 miles along the Reservation Divide Trail. We will be trail running point-to-point from Siegal Pass to McCormick Peak in Western Montana, which means it’s net downhill!

The Reservation Divide Trail runs along the top and southern sides of its namesake. Throughout the route we will have incredible views of the Ninemile Valley as well as peeks down onto the Clark Fork and across the Mission Valley to the incredible Mission Mountains. For the peak-bagger in you, our route includes options to summit four different peaks and pinnacles.

For how close it is to Missoula, the Ninemile Valley is little explored, yet is home to an incredible trail system. The last few years I have enjoyed being able to buzz up the road for a great trail run on paths that I have all to myself. Plus, in late July we will be in prime huckleberry picking locations!

For all the stats on the run and to sign up visit the Reservation Divide Trip page. But hurry! There are only six spots remaining!

-Forrest Boughner

Stateline #1 – In Pictures

This weekend marked Alpine Running Guides first official trail running trip! We began our journey on the Dry Creek Divide, went up and over Torino Peak, and then joined in with the Stateline Trail on the Idaho/Montana border. From there we turned east and covered an incredible section of trail with views down into Cliff Lake, Frog Lake, Bonanza Lakes, and hundreds of peaks, knobs, ridges, and mountains in Idaho and Montana. We will be returning to the Stateline Trail on September 22nd where we will be trading the green of spring for the orange of autumn. More info on that trip here.

Did you know?

Did you know that our Stateline Trail trips all run through a massive burn area from over 100 years ago that influenced our thinking in forest management? Did you know that the Vigilante Trail is named for the Montana Vigilantes, a group that fought supposedly corrupt law officers in the late 1800’s? Did you know that our Stark Mountain and Reservation Divide trips are in one of the areas that wolves first came back in Montana?

Montana is a big state with an incredible amount of natural, cultural, and biological history and diversity. One of the goals of our trips is to share as many stories of the areas in which we run as possible. You may hear about the geological history one minute, and the story behind that fire lookout the next. Gotta run to find out!

In addition to the food, running, and massage that you’ll find on Alpine Running Guides trail running tours, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn some of the more interesting anecdotes of the area. We hope this will engender a deeper connection with the land, and give you something to think about as you run through it.

If you have a story from an area where our trips occur, or just have an interesting story, please share it with us!


Happy Trails,


A Closer Look at Up Up Ridge

Despite the name, the Alpine Running Guides Up Up Ridge trail running tour is one of our more mellow trips. There just happens to be a peak called Up Up Mountain at the head of the ridge!

One my favorite things about this area is exploring the Eagle-Ward Roadless Area. While still not a federally designated Wilderness, Roadless Areas still offer protection from continuing road building and logging operations for “inventoried roadless areas within the National Forest System in the context of multiple-use management.” What that means for us is that we will be running through prime elk and other wildlife habitat.

hazel lakeWe will cover 8.8 miles over the course of this run and will summit three separate peaks that the trail runs right over. From Ward Peak, the high point of the day, we will have unobstructed views into mountainous Idaho (we’ll be on the border between Idaho and Montana), as well as North into the Couer d’Alene Mountains and distance Cabinets. If it’s a clear day we may even catch sight of the Missions in the distance.

At the base of Ward Mountain lay Mary, Hub, and Hazel Lakes, and these mark our exit. We will descend past these gorgeous alpine lakes, through an old-growth cedar forest, and arrive at the trailhead in early afternoon for a scrumptious lunch and post-run massage before heading back to Missoula.

Despite covering three peaks during this 8.8 mile trail running tour, the elevation gain is a relatively low 2,000′. Like all of our running adventures, you run your pace. We stop for pictures, we can hike on steep sections, and we stop just to look around at the gorgeous Northern Bitterroot Mountains! huckleberry

Click here for more trip info or send me an email to discuss if this trip is right for you.

PS-There’s huckleberries!

Happy Trails,

Forrest Boughner
Alpine Running Guides

All photos courtesy of Jesse and Kailee Carnes (@jessecarnes and @kailee.carnes)